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Technomagickal Pty Ltd is the parent company that covers a variety of activities that are broadly in the photography, art, design, publishing and educational areas and is the operational arm of Sci-Art Trust.

It operates as several divisions:

  • TechnoMagickal Online, providing online services to clients all over the world;
  • TechnoMagickal Press is our publishing arm, providing print, e-Book and App publications across a range of topic areas. We operate several blogs and are moving into podcasts. We also provide an extensive service to authors in business development, self publishing and marketing;
  • TechnoMagickal Academy, providing online, webinar and face-to-face courses, workshops and seminars on a wide range of topics and using expert faculty from around the world;
  • TechnoMagickal Apps provides a service to businesses and individuals who wish to develops apps for the iPhone and iPad. We can provide or supervise outside specialists in app business strategy development, product planning, app design and development;
  • Educational Consulting, provides expert advice to organisations of all sizes on educational strategy, course development, curriculum planning, use of technology and marketing of educational products.


Technomagickal Pty Ltd

Trades as Digital ImageMaker International and Art In Your Face

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