Exerpted from Photography Wisdom - A Practical Guide To Successful Photography and Self Expression, By Wayne J. Cosshall, available in both book and app for iPad forms

Shot with my iPhone, the result is a surprisingly good image after some noise reduction in Photoshop.

This shot was taken in late dusk from a long distance away from Sacre Coeur in Paris with a very long lens and on high ISO film to cope with the low light. Everything said this was not the time to be able to shoot, since I had no tripod with me, but what I saw was saying to shoot anyway. So I did.

These images, below and to the left, were taken while waiting in an airport passenger lounge. The light outside was coming up and as it did I saw that I was seeing a blend of the outside view with a reflection of the bar behind me. Since the windows were double glazed the reflection was doubled. So over the course of about 10 minutes the light balance changed from the inside dominating to the outside dominating and producing the strange mix of lights and objects/people. They really illustrate the benefit of having a camera with you at all times and of being open to whatever opportunities present themselves. On the right is the very last image I shot before the magic had gone.


Put a compact camera in a ziplock bag and go out and shoot in the rain.

Put a compact camera in a double layer of ziplock bags and shoot from beneath the water. Better use an underwater housing for it.

Use a compact camera with a strong macro capability and explore your local surroundings from a different perspective. Use the LCD screen on a compact to allow you to compose and shoot from ground level.

Gaffer tape a camera to a pole and use the wireless remote that many compacts come with to shoot from up at ceiling height or from up in a tree.

Take due care with your camera and we accept no responsibility if you try any of this and it goes wrong.

33. Shoot Always

Finding ways to shoot whenever and wherever you are can greatly expand your shooting experience and also open up new opportunities for your photography.

Linking this with the first suggestion means that you don't always have to use the same camera. In fact there are many times when carrying your normal camera gear would be a major problem. I would not always be willing to carry my normal dSLR camera with me on many occasions. Which is why I also have a number of other digital cameras in various sizes and capabilities, from my mobile or cell phone to a small 7 Megapixel compact digital that makes only a little bulge in my pocket. We sometimes get so over concerned with quality that we become blinded to other options.

There are many times when lugging our heavy dSLR gear and lens collections around are not practical. Yet we can always carry some sort of camera. Indeed there are major advantages to using other types of camera. A compact camera can fit into small spaces, allowing you to shoot subjects your big dSLR might not reach. Many compacts have much better macro capability than most common SLR lenses. Indeed some will focus to the surface of the front of the lens. Some offer built-in intervalvometer functions to allow you to take timed exposures in sequences over an extended time. With dSLRs this usu- ally is only available with an optional extra. And how willing would you be to endanger your expensive dSLR in bad weather, at the beach or even underwater? A relatively inexpensive camera is more expendable and thus we can be more willing to experiment and also keep shooting in all the circumstances our life takes us into.

Having a camera with you all the time means that you always have something to do when you have to wait. You can not only scout out locations but document them too. There is no need to miss those great images you see when you do not have a camera with you.

Of course there is no reason to always leave your dSLR at home either. I commonly pick one lens and go out with my dSLR. Depending on the lens I put on, sometimes I will have to work really hard to find a way to shoot what I find. But isn't that having to stretch a bonus?