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About Us

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Leading Company

Making a Difference

Established in 1997, we’ve been helping businesses, educational institutions and individuals for over 20 years.

Leading Company

Why Work With Us

We Understand Technology

We’ve actually invented and build a lot of the technology you take for granted, from the hardware driving multinational telco’s communication systems to the software that helps mining companies deliver the raw materials to build your life.

International Experience

We’ve worked with small Australian companies and individuals right up to major multinational corporations.

We Get Education

In education we’ve worked with universities and TAFEs, as well as private educational organisations, on accreditations, new courses, redesigns and troubleshooting.

First Principles Thinking

Like the world’s most innovative entrepreneurs, we apply first principles thinking to everything we do. This approach eliminates assumptions and being trapped in the way ‘things have always been done’ to uncover really innovative solutions.

A Few Words

About Us

A great team

While we have a core team of highly talented and motivated individuals, we also have have arranged a large and flexibly talented on-demand crew so that we can apply the right number of people and the reight collection of skills to any project.