Website Development

Here at Technomagickal Pty Ltd, the Internet is central to all we do. With web development experience dating back to the early 1990’s and over 15 years Internet business strategy experience behind us, we have a level of understanding of the Internet matched by few.

We also bring our own experience in operating online blogs, ecommerce websites, podcasts and other online technologies to working on our clients’ online needs.

We can share this experience with you and your business in various ways

Our core activities include:

  • The planning, development and roll out of online strategies for SME businesses, public organisations and individuals;
  • Integration of online strategies for bricks and mortar businesses;
  • Development of entirely online business strategies;
  • Website development or the supervision of other web developers.

We specialise in the use of content management systems, like WordPress. Apart from offering a robust and secure website technology that is quick for us to deploy, these allow enterprises to build content themselves and to outsource any parts of the content creation that they wish in safe, controllable ways. For example, this allows different people to be assigned different capabilities on the website(s), limiting their access and control, yet allowing maximum productivity. Such systems also allow work to be contributed when away from the office.

We can also provide system integration, help with the purchase of equipment and software and provide staff training.

We uniquely specialise in helping small businesses focused on book and magazine publishing, and training and education, in the form of face-to-face and online workshops and online courses. These areas require specialised knowledge to be developed successfully and we have that through our own extensive experience in the book and magazine industries and in adult education.

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