Technomagickal Pty Ltd has two publishing areas: online and print.

We also provide integrated solutions for our authors, including websites, marketing and self-promotion strategies and much more.

Training and Assistance

We work with many authors as consultants, business advisors and strategists, cover and layout designers and much more. We have helped many successful authors to build a self-publishing strategies that gives them control, flexibility, rapid publishing and far higher income streams.

Online Publishing

Over the years we have published a number of online magazines in the forms of blogs, zines and other innovative styles.

Having been involved in various rolls from editorial to publishing in print and online magazines, we are now leveraging this experience online. Online publishing provides huge advantages over print, such as extremely low cost, excellent interaction with the readership and rapid publication.

The current active online title is:

  • Digital ImageMaker – One of the most popular online photography magazine site among Australians. A site that shows great photography, has tutorials, technique articles and camera and software reviews

Print and Digital Book Publishing

We publish books in print, Kindle and e-Book formats, as well as interactive e-Books and Apps. We also provide assistance to authors who wish to build their own businesses publishing their own books.

Sample Chapters of Photography Wisdom

Below are sample chapters as they appear (allowing for your web browser) in the iPad edition of the book:
1. Composition
15. Stay Outside of Your Comfort Zone
22. Print In More Sizes
33. Shoot Always
40. Every Image Has a Story