Here at TechnoMagickal Pty Ltd we are at the forefront of publishing and development.

In-house Development

Our iPad apps are selling well and our first iPhone app is also doing well in the App Store. We have another five in various stages of development.

We Develop Your App

We can also offer a full service to either our web strategy customers or new customers in the planning, design and development of applications for iPhone and iPad.

We have a platform that we developed ourselves that makes it easy for us to turn your content into an app in a very fast time frame. We are now offering this as a service to you. This platform is suitable for book, magazine, catalogue and similar content.

We are developing a second platform perfect for realising interactive portfolios for designers, artists and photographers or for doing image heavy books in an interesting and contemporary way. We also use iBook Author for rapid production.

Please contact us for pricing information and to discuss your content and requirements.