Casualisation of the Workforce — National Structural Issues Exposed by Covid-19 Series, Part 2

Over my working life there have been massive changes in the workforce and its structure. In the late 1970’s and early 80’s there was plenty of work, salaries and salary increases were good and living costs were moderate. Jump forward to today and the picture is very different.

This article examines the move of many jobs to the so-called gig economy, how it has come about and what are the consequences.

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Higher Education Is in Trouble, And Should Be — Higher Education is Broken, Let’s Disrupt it and Build a Better Model of Adult Education Series, Part 1

This series of articles examines the deep and profound structural issues in post-secondary and adult education, examines the disruptive forces at work and works towards a new model of adult education that can truly work for all.

In part one I outline the broad issues at play and the signs that the crunch as arrived.

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Lack of Forward Planning — National Structural Issues Exposed by Covid-19 Series, Part 3

Governments are made up of people, and so a government can exhibit all the same ‘personality traits’ that people do. They can be self-absorbed, naturally defensive, forgetful, distracted, following the wrong path, overwhelmed or completely sociopathic. We’ve seen all of the above from governments during Covid-19. Like people, governments need to be encouraged, and sometimes forced, onto a path of introspection, analysis and then self-improvement.
This short series of articles examines the deep, long hidden structural issues that many countries have, that have been exposed by the Covid-19 pandemic. This part looks at the forward planning that should have been done, but of course wasn’t.

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