Higher Education Is in Trouble, And Should Be — Higher Education is Broken, Let’s Disrupt it and Build a Better Model of Adult Education Series, Part 1

This series of articles examines the deep and profound structural issues in post-secondary and adult education, examines the disruptive forces at work and works towards a new model of adult education that can truly work for all.

In part one I outline the broad issues at play and the signs that the crunch as arrived.

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The Benefits of Having Diverse Friends and How to Learn from Them

I am blessed with having friends of all sorts, from so many countries, religions, ethnicities, experience and professions. There are values in such diversity that you may not expect.

Having diverse friends has massive benefits, many that are unexpected. In this article I examine those.

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The Privileging of Text Literacy in Education Must Stop and a Media-Agnostic Approach Embraced

Since the development of writing we have gradually privileged text literacy above other forms of communication. Even oratory, one of the pillars of Greek civilisation, has been subsumed in the march of text literacy above all else. In education we put so much emphasis on text literacy that children who have difficulty with text are labelled disabled and moved off into special education programs, suggesting that there is something wrong with them that needs to be fixed. Aside from humanitarian principles, the march of technology has made this fixation on text untenable.

In this article we explore why text has been privileged and a case is made of why a more diverse and inclusive approach to media should be developed in education.

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